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This beautiful honey bee ring was made with a cast ancient coin of a honey bee, and a stag on the reverse side. The honey bee is a symbol for overcoming the impossible, and is also used as a symbol in the Medici family and the vatican. The honey bee has been seen as an important symbol for humans for thousands of years. The honey bee also symbolizes architecture, teamwork, and love.
The stag is a symbol of rebirth and renewal, as the stag loses its antlers each year, and grows them back.

The coin is about 1/2 inches in diameter, made in bronze, and plated with a generous layer of 18k Gold.  The coin spins 360 degrees around, and can be worn on both sides. 

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All of our ancient coins are either cast from original coins, or inspired by museum pieces.

Honeybee Gold Coin Ring - Sterling Silver Flip Ring

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