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Artemis Designs Signature Sterling Silver Slim Cuff Bracelet made with Genuine Alligator Leather, finished with Sterling Silver Hardware Detailing.

Available in 3 sizes.

Small and Medium size will fit women.

Medium and Large size will fit men.

Signature Slim Cuff Bracelet, with Detailing

SKU: BR-126
  • Sterling Silver will tarnish over time, however, it is possible to clean the silver back to its original shine.  We reccommend a micro-fibre cloth to clean our designs.  

    Please do not use a silver polishing cloth to clean these pieces.  The polishing cloths have chemicals, which will damage the leather over time.  Micro-fibre cloths have no chemicals and can clean both the leather and silver.  

    Swimming and/or showering with our designs is not reccommended to ensure a lasting product.

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