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This beautiful ancient coin pendant was made with a coin of a honey bee, and a stag on the reverse side. The honey bee is a symbol for overcoming the impossible, and is also used as a symbol in the Medici family and the vatican.  The honey bee has been an essential symbol for humans across cultures, for thousands of years.  The stag is a symbol for the goddess Artemis; the goddess of the moon, and the hunt.  The stag is also a symbol of rebirth and renewal, as every year the animal loses its antlers and grows a new pair.

The coin itself is bronze, and we plate the coin with 18K Gold, and then framed it in 925 Sterling Silver. All our coins are cast from original authentic ancient coins.

This is a quality artisan pendant, handcrafted in the USA, that will match any other jewelry combinations both silver and gold. Any woman, man, teen, and history lover will love and appreciate this wonderful conversation piece. 

The pendant diameter measures: 1/2 inches

This item ships for free inside the U.S.

Small Honey Bee Pendant

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